Drug dealer jailed after £9,000 worth of crack cocaine found in bedroom

Ben Morris

Ben Morris was jailed for three years at St Albans Crown Court - Credit: Herts police

A drug dealer from Welwyn Garden City has been jailed for three years after police found more than £9,000 worth of crack cocaine during a search of his home.

Ben Morris, of Heronswood Place, was sentenced at St Albans Crown Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to supplying crack cocaine, possessing cannabis and possessing criminal property.

Officers raided the 23-year-old's address after he had been seen acting suspiciously in a black BMW outside Birchwood House on Panshanger Drive.

Morris refused to open the car door when asked and was seen putting something inside his pants and dismantling a burner phone.

“He refused to stop what he was doing and grant access to the police so the front passenger window was smashed and he was arrested,” said prosecutor Phillip Farr.

He was found to not be in possession of any drugs, but £190 was found in his pocket.

Following a search of his bedroom, police found a safe containing £1,580 and 93.1 grams of crack cocaine with a street value of £9,310.

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A further £685 cash was hidden in a photo album, while 137 grams of a cutting agent and a small amount of cannabis were also found.

The search also resulted in the discovery of a number of weapons, including a crossbow, Samurai swords and large combat knives.

Jane Carpenter, defending, said the 23-year-old had been addicted to crack for around two years, and in July 2020, his skull was fractured in an attack carried out by his drug dealer.

“Once out of hospital, he had to work for the dealer,” she said, while Morris admitted that he had been selling drugs five or six days a week.

Ms Carpenter said that since his arrest he had come off drugs and was making plans for his future.

Referring to the 2020 attack and his drug dealing, Judge Michael Kay QC told Morris: “If you get yourself involved in drugs this is exactly the sort of result that can occur.

“Those higher up the chain prey on those lower down the chain. They need people to sell and store drugs.

“You were storing almost £10k of drugs, you had a cutting agent, a safe, a considerable amount of money and a frightening store of weapons.

“You were playing a major operational function within this chain. You had an awareness and understanding of the operation.”