Crackdown on cycle yobs in Welwyn Garden City

A CRACKDOWN on cyclists riding on pavements has been launched by the Welwyn Garden City town centre.

Safer neighbourhood officers launched the clampdown after a rise in what they dubbed “anti-social cycling” complaints from residents.

Pcso Kate Blenkin said: “It is the single most common complaint we hear in the town centre.

“We don’t want to deter cyclists, as it is a healthy and more environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car, but we will target those who ride irresponsibly.”

Officers warned yobs caught riding on the pavement they could be slapped with on the spot �30 fine.

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If cyclists refuse to accept a fixed penalty ticket, they could be summoned to court for prosecution.

Police cited an attack on a man who was hit on the shoulder by a cyclist in Howardsgate and a Pcso was abused by two riders for asking them to get off their bikes because of their “anti-social cycling”.

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Pcso Blenkin added: “Cycling on pavements is dangerous, anti-social and unpopular with pedestrians who have to negotiate bikes using the pavement.”

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