Council under fire over Hatfield waste build-up

PUBLISHED: 15:21 11 July 2017 | UPDATED: 15:21 11 July 2017

Hatfield Town Centre.

Hatfield Town Centre.

Danny Loo Photography 2017

The streets of Hatfield have become plagued with rubbish because the council cleaning service is going downhill, an opposition critic has charged.

After noticing a build-up of rubbish in and around Hatfield town centre Labour member Glyn Hayes challenged the Conservative cabinet at last night’s full council meeting.

He asked: “Can the leader please confirm Hatfield town centre is still in receipt of a cleaning programme and if we are, is there a reason for the obvious deterioration in the level of service?”

Councillor Helen Bromley, the relevant cabinet member, replied: “Our street cleansing programme is an important frontline service and there is a robust cleansing schedule put in place in Hatfield Town Centre.

“The level of service has not reduced and this is an ideal opportunity to highlight to all members a number of changes that we have introduced recently.

“For example, an additional cleansing resource has been put in the town centre every morning to deal with any clear-ups or overflowing litter bins from overnight.

“We also have a town centre operative working all day in the town centre until 6pm.

“The sweeper machine is being used in the town centre five days a week and new recycling banks have been added to The Commons car park to try and reduce fly-tipping in this area.

“Furthermore, Serco will also be washing a number of streets with new equipment to remove chewing gum and bird droppings from within Hatfield Town Centre.”

Councillor Bromley added: “It is important to note that all Serco operatives continue to be monitored by their supervisors and managers and that the council has a dedicated community and environment officer for Hatfield Town Centre, who routinely inspects this area and works with local businesses to advise them of their waste responsibilities and to take enforcement action, where necessary.”

Councillor Bromley revealed that the changes have been happening over the last few weeks and that the council has even received compliments from the public.

Labour councillor Lenny Brandon told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “There are rats in the town centre and this rat problem is a massive infestation at the moment.”

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