Comic Relief: Elton John not the only Rocket Man in Hatfield

WHILE Elton John will be making a bang in Hatfield this summer with his Rocket Man, here in Hatfield we have our very own space explorer who is already going down a storm in the name of Comic Relief.

Astronaut enthusiast and Mark and Spencer Outlet worker Ben Foong has been dressing up as either a rocket or as a space station for every day of the past three weeks while serving customers to raise funds.

Armed with a collection pot Ben gathered �327 a figure that was doubled by his employers.

Ben, who took on a similar stunt for Children in Need - dressing as either Danger Mouse or a rocket, said: “I’m delighted I have raised as much.

“The best thing about it has been seeing people’s faces. Especially those people who are glum going to work in the morning, I like to think it has given them a smile for the start of the day.”

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