Free dinners delivered to residents staying in hotel on Christmas after Ashley Court Fire

person delivering dinner

Jacqui from Attimore Hall dropping of Christmas dinner for residents who had to stay in Homestead Court Hotel over Christmas. - Credit: Vicky Robertson

Free Christmas meals were delivered to residents who had to be evacuated from Ashley Court after a fire broke out there earlier this month.

The JJ Burgess & sons and Attimore Hall donated the food to the residents who are currently staying at Homestead Court Hotel.

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Justin, from JJ Burgess & Sons in Hatfield, said: "My office is just down the road from Ashley Court where the fire was and I immediately wanted to support those who had lost their homes and possessions in the fire, who wouldn’t given the current pandemic coupled with the fact that it was leading up to Christmas.

"We are a local business who have been part of the fabric of Hatfield and surrounding areas for over 300 years, and you just feel that it is only right and proper that you support and give back to the community.

"I contacted the warden and asked if there was anything I could do, she said as well as clothes and personal items such as toiletries they had no evening meals. I offered to supply ready meals and microwaves but was told that they would not be permitted to plug them into the hotel.

"I contacted a number of pubs and caterers who I knew would have a stock of food in fridges and freezers owing to the lockdown but no one could help as there were no staff to prepare them. I spoke with the Sun at Lemsford and I ordered and paid for 12 roast dinners which I collected and delivered to the residents of Ashley Court.

"The whole situation cant help but make a lump in your throat, I truly feel for them.

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"The community of Hatfield are very good in the main when it comes to a crisis."

Justin also put an appeal on Facebook for clothes and toiletries which he dropped off to them, as well as organising more meals for them including Christmas dinner from Attimore Hall.

Jacqui, landlady of Attimore Hall, said:  "This was something I was more than happy to do, as the Attimore is a community pub and we do whatever we can to help!

"We also received some extra bits from one of our regulars to be shared with them, boxes of chocolates,  mince pies etc and we delivered those too."