Chris is a Cut above

A PENSIONER has developed what he hopes proves to be the very latest in cutting-edge technology.

Chris Vassiliades, a retired manufacturing worker from WGC, believes he has identified a long standing problem in his former profession – and thinks he’s found the solution.

Introducing the Safecutter Handy; a multi-purpose, doubled bladed cutting tool for materials like shrink wrapping, elastic, string, plastic and vinyl.

It can also be used to sharpen pencils and gut fish.

Made from recyclable plastic and with a choice of blades (stainless steel or ceramic), the design allows the Safecutter Handy to cut safely in any direction and any angle.

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It cannot be used as a weapon and doesn’t clog up when used.

“It [the Safecutter] is unique in the market place,” said Chris, from Moors Walk.

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“It takes the fear out of cutting, because you can’t damage yourself or others. It’s ideal because it’s quick and it’s safe.”

The patented Safecutter Handy has been 10 years in the making, ever since Chris was made redundant from his job shortly before he was due to retire.

“I worked in packaging for many years,” said Chris, who turns 70 tomorrow (Thursday).

“They wouldn’t allow cutters or knives in the workplace.

“We had to tear the boxes open with our bare hands.

“That took time, and time is money; I just thought if we had a safe cutter we could save a lot of time. I came up with this idea and later, when I retired, I started to develop it.”

Chris said that two other Safecutter designs are currently patent pending.

To find out more about the Safecutter, visit www.safecutters or call 01707 396822.

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