Children manufacture robot bugs in Potters Bar

ROBOT bugs could be seen crawling across Potters Bar.

For it was Potters Bar Rotary Club’s annual Primary Schools Technology Challenge and students were required to make an electronic insect comprising of a battery, a small motor and a few other bits and pieces.

Organised by educational charity Setpoint Hertfordshire, pupils from Cranborne, Ladbrooke, Little Heath, Oakmere, Pope Paul and Wroxham schools took part.

The children learned about batteries, motors and what happens when Blu-Tack is added to the flywheel (it makes the bug jump about because of the bias in the balance).

The overall winner was Oakmere.

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Rotarian Douglas Fussell said: “They were all excellent and we had to judge the best school.

“It was very difficult but we finally agreed Oakmere to be the winners based on the variety of bugs created, the imagination used and the operation of the jittering bugs.”

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