Cats and dogs in crisis in Welwyn Hatfield

PUBLISHED: 21:06 07 October 2012

Digger has been taken in by the Blue Cross and is looking for a new home

Digger has been taken in by the Blue Cross and is looking for a new home


ANIMAL trusts in Welwyn Hatfield are currently taking in more animals then they can cope with and are desperately seeking rehomers and donations.

The Cats Protection’s Welwyn Hatfield & District Branch says it has trebled the amount of pets turned away this year, having already taken in more than 200 animals, and the RSPCA and Blue Cross say they are seeing the same problem.

Pamela Newton, who runs the helpline at the Welwyn Hatfield District Branch of the Cats Protection, said: “I am having to turn away eight-12 cats per day at the moment, what are we supposed to do when we can’t help rehome them?”

Ms Newton thinks this increase is due to be people being unable to afford a pet, she said: “Lots of people are being evicted, or losing their jobs or they just can’t afford to own a cat so they are trying to give them to us or other charities – but every one around here is full to bursting.

“We also have vets ringing us asking if we can take in animals saying that if we can’t them they will have to be put down.

“It’s very sad.”

Anna White, branch manager at the Southridge RSPCA centre in South Mimms, said that they were also experiencing the same thing.

“We have had lots of kittens, which is worrying because of the pre-neutering campaigns that have been running.

“It really is sad, we don’t put animals down when people hand them in, but we have waiting lists of owners wanting to give their cats in and we have had to pay for private board for some of them.”

Ms White said that the centre has also had a lot of people handing in dogs over the past few months.

“We are seeing a lot of status dogs being handed in, such as American Bull dogs, Rottweiler’s and some huskies lots of big butch animals.

“There has been a lot strays too, people might be turning their pets out onto the streets.”

The charities are now turning to the internet to help rehome animals so that animals that the branch is unable to take in still have a good chance of finding new owners.

The Cats Protection have created a website called home to home, where owners who want to find a new home for their cats can post information online.

These sites are very effective and the Blue Cross Kimpton branch says their own pet rehoming site has helped reduce the number of animals brought in.

“It frees up room at centre of the stray and abandoned animals that urgent need care, while making the process much less stressful for the pet and owner,” said a Blue Cross spokesperson.

“Our centre took in 154 pets from their original owners in the first half of 2011, compared with 121 in the same period this year.

“But our total number of animals admitted has gone up from 300 to 393 over the same period.

“This is down to our news Home Direct service that rehomes animals straight from their own home to their new one.“

To contact the charities or find out more information about adopting a pet visit:, or

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