Cat Survival Trust takes in snow leopards

MEET the latest arrivals at a big cat sanctuary in Welwyn.

These three adorable female snow leopard cubs, which have yet to be named, were born eight weeks ago at The Cat Survival Trust in Codicote Road.

In the wild, these animals can be found in the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia – a fact which makes breeding them in the UK something of a challenge.

Terry Moore, who founded the charity in 1976, told the Welwyn Hatfield Times the cubs would be kept in an air-conditioned enclosure until they are three months old and their lungs have fully developed.

The 63-year-old explained: “Because they come from a high altitude, they tend to take deeper breaths than most cats.

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“As a result of the humid air in this country, we can’t have them out for very long because their lungs are not big enough to cope with the humidity.”

The latest litter is the seventh to be born at the rescue centre which, perhaps unsurprisingly, has the largest collection of snow leopards in Europe.

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A total of 32 big cats, including pumas, caracals, servals and bobcats, currently call the trust their home.

The charity also owns a 10,000 acre reserve in the north east of Argentina, which provides a protected habitat for around 70 big cats including ocelots, margays and jaguarundi.

Terry is always on the look out for volunteers and donations.

If you can help, call 01438 716873 or click on the link, right.

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