Car spins off Welwyn Garden City road

BLACK ice sent a car flying off the road in WGC.

The maroon Vauxhall Corsa left Bessemer Road and hit a tree.

It is believed no one was injured in the incident, which police were alerted to on Saturday.

The force has asked the driver of the vehicle to remove it from the road.

It is not the only such incident over the weekend.

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As reported on (link, right) yesterday (Monday) a spate of incidents bugged Hertfordshire.

A Herts Highways spokeswoman said the roads had been salted over the weekend, but reminded motorists to drive with caution.

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She said: “We have been out salting twice this weekend on all the main roads on our salting route. This includes a salting run on Sunday evening in preparation for Monday morning’s rush hour. Despite this, road conditions have been very difficult across the region and we are sorry to hear that there have been a number of accidents.

“As we have said previously, salting the roads does not make travelling completely safe. While it is the best material we have available to treat snow and ice, if roads and pavements are salted everyone still needs to be careful and should not drive or walk as if weather conditions are normal.

“At the start of the weekend the police issued a reminder to drivers to take extra care on the roads in the expected icy conditions and we would like to reiterate their advice.”

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