Can you give RSPCA dog Tizer a new home?

MOST of us know what it’s like to crave the latest fashion accessory.

A new bag, shoes or perhaps a games console?

But imagine what life would be like if you were the object of someone’s latest “must-have” craze, and you were not a new product but, in fact, a dog.

That is something brindle crossbread Tizer has had to cope with.

For the one-year-old boy was bought simply as a fashion accessory – to parade around the streets with his former owner to make him look good.

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Tizer had a bad start in life, living in a high rise block of flats without any garden or any green and never knowing what it was like to run across the fields or play with other dogs.

Since being rescued the dog now resides at RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in South Mimms.

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Staff are determined to help him make the most of his time there by finding him a new home where he will be part of a kind, loving family.

A spokesman told the Potters Bar Edition: “We have been working with Tizer for many weeks now and he has come on in leaps and bounds.

“We have been particularly working on getting him to understand he can mix with other dogs, that they are not all going to attack him, and that he does not have to initially show them aggression in defence.

“This behaviour is due to his treatment as a youngster and had he been brought up properly this problem would obviously not have arisen.”

Tizer needs a good-sized garden with a secure fence.

As he is still young, he will not want to be left alone for long periods.

His new owner must have experience of large breeds, and as there is no history of him with children an adult home will be required.

“Whoever adopts Tizer must be prepared to carry on working with him, but you will be amply rewarded for your time and effort because he is a great dog who has the potential to be a wonderful dog,” added the spokesman.

If you can give Tizer a home call the Packhorse Lane centre on 0300 123 0704.

Alternatively you can visit him at the care home open every day, except Wednesdays, from 11am until 4.15pm.

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