Campaigner visits Hatfield on walk to climate summit

A GLOBAL campaigner is raising awareness of climate change – by walking from England to Denmark.

Oxfam campaigner Krishnamurthy Pushpanath is undertaking a 270-mile hike from Oxford to Copenhagen in time for the start of the UN Climate Change Conference this Monday, December 7.

It is the latest campaign by Mr Pushpanath to force action on climate change, having seen the effects of global warming in many countries during his 27 years as an Oxfam worker.

During his walk towards the Essex port of Harwich, where he boarded a ferry to Denmark, Mr Pushpanath, known as “Push”, passed through Times Territory.

He was met in Hatfield by fellow Oxfam and climate change campaigners, who joined him on his march towards Hertford, his overnight stop.

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“It’s been very good so far,” Mr Pushpanath told the WHT after his flying visit.

“I didn’t realise how deeply this issue touches ordinary people. It’s been an amazing and inspiring experience.”

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Mr Pushpanath, 57, said he was inspired by the famous 240-mile “salt march” undertaken by fellow countryman Mahatma Gandhi in 1930, in protest over the British tax on salt in India.

“You’ve got to take action when you face an unfair situation,” Mr Pushpanath said. “I’m just a regular guy, with irregular hair, trying to do something about the situation.”

Gill Pinfold, who works at Oxfam’s WGC branch in Fretherne Road, and joined Mr Pushpaneth on his walk through Welwyn Hatfield, said: “It was a great privilege to meet Push and hear of his work with Oxfam in the poorest developing countries. “He was an inspiration to do all we can in calling for a fair and safe deal from world leaders.”

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