Campaign to stop cat murders in Hertfordshire

A WOMAN has launched an awareness campaign after a number of cats were fatally poisoned with antifreeze.

A WOMAN has launched an awareness campaign after a number of cats were fatally poisoned with antifreeze.

Our front page last week reported how the feline death toll in one part of Hatfield had reached seven.

Now Naomi Fountain is warning pet owners to be aware that the sweet taste of antifreeze attracts cats to unknowingly eat the deadly substance when it’s in their food.

A small amount would make them very ill or kill them through kidney failure.

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Symptoms include shaking, vomiting, seizures, drinking more and fast breathing.

However, it is not just cats but other pets and even humans at risk too, according to Naomi, who has set up her own group to raise awareness of the poisoning.

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Blue Death Org UK was launched by the former WGC worker after she lost her cat to an antifreeze attacker last year.

Her aim is to have antifreeze products banned unless it contains a bitterant in the UK and EU and to enforce a better labelling system on all antifreeze products including screenwashes.

Naomi said: “There are 827 members on the Facebook site, many of whom have shared their stories on how they lost their cat or dog to antifreeze poisoning.

“I even had a couple of ladies say how their teenage sons had had their drinks spiked with antifreeze and were seriously ill from it. Luckily, it was caught in time before permanent damage was done.

“It is a global issue.

“In the USA, a young girl called Haley Ham lost her two dogs to this poisoning and actively had a Bill put into the Senate to have antifreeze banned unless it contained a bitterant.

“Five years later and there is now the Haley Ham Law achieving this very goal – this girl is my hero!”

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