Callous attack on Welwyn Garden City cemetery

SICK yobs have trashed dozens of graves in a WGC cemetery.

The vandals went on the rampage in Hatfield Hyde cemetery in Hollybush Road on June 13.

Grandmother-of-eight Patricia Spencer saw the appalling scenes – flowers and plants trashed, vases smashed and even a wooden crucifix knocked down – while visiting her late mother Lydia Woodfield’s grave.

She told the Welwyn Hatfield Times of her upset at seeing the shocking vandalism.

“At about 12.30pm we went over [to the cemetery] to check on my mother’s grave and make sure everything was ok.

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“We were shocked to see flower pots and vases had been thrown over everywhere.

“A woman’s wooden cross was knocked down and plants had been pulled out.

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“It was a mess and looked as thought 30 to 40 graves had been affected.”

Patricia, 71, said her first thought was that squirrels had caused the disorder but after a thorough look realised rodents wouldn’t be able to create such damage.

The mum-of-four, whose mother lived in Salisbury Road, WGC, before passing away during childbirth 67 years ago, added: “I was so angry when I realised it was a deliberate act, probably done by teenagers.

“What kind of sick people would do this?”

An appalled Patricia, of Letchworth, added: “I cannot understand the mentality of the people who have done this.

“Hopefully they will be caught and made to do community service and clean up the cemetery.”

A spokeswoman for Welwyn Hatfield Council, which owns the cemetery, said: “A resident called to report disturbances to a number of graves.

“Our caretaker is currently looking into this report, as damage can be caused when pots and vases are blown over or broken in windy conditions.

“However, if it looks as though an act of vandalism has occurred, the council will look at what options might be available to deter this behaviour in future.”

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