Butchers save turkeys from Christmas chop

TWO lucky Times Territory turkeys have been spared a bleak Christmas thanks to two animal loving Butchers who have come forward to offer them a home.

The plucky pair were abandoned at the Blue Cross animal adoption centre in Kimpton.

Thankfully, two WGC residents - Heidi and Peter Butcher – have taken the turkeys under their wing and given them a secure home alongside their menagerie of pets.

Staff at The Blue Cross were baffled when the birds, nicknamed by staff as Bernadette and Matthew, were found flapping around inside the centre’s gates weeks before Christmas.

And as it only facilitates cats, dogs and other small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, staff had to improvise and provide temporary accommodation for the large birds until Mr and Mrs Butcher could collect them.

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Heidi, from the Knightsfield area, said: “My husband and I have kept turkeys before so we were more than happy to help The Blue Cross. They were a little nervous at first but have settled in now.

“They are very entertaining with their own individual personalities – their favourite game is playing football with a cabbage!”

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Lynda Campbell, centre manager at the Kimpton Bottom-based animal adoption hub, said: “When the turkeys were dumped on our doorstep we had no idea they’d be rescued by two Butchers! I’m glad The Blue Cross could help in this unusual case, but we’d urge people to speak to us if they’re struggling to cope with an animal.

“We’ll never judge someone for taking the responsible decision of handing in their pet, and it’s much better than abandoning them.”

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