The Galleria closes due to storm

The Galleria shopping centre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

The Galleria shopping centre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. - Credit: Alan Davies

The Galleria shopping centre in Hatfield has closed for the afternoon due to the raging Storm Eunice.

A statement posted to The Galleria's Instagram story said: "We are taking the storm warnings very seriously and are constantly reviewing the ongoing situation. 

"The decision has been taken to close the centre this afternoon. We will keep you updated of any further changes."

The progress of the storm

Fried chicken connoisseurs Eli's pop-up were due to launch their restaurant at a new spot in The Galleria today. They were heartbroken by the decision to delay their opening day. 

Co-founder Andrew said: "Incredibly frustrating being forced to close on our first day! Of course the safety of customers is our highest priority, it’s just a shame having to cancel all our orders today after such a highly anticipated run-up to Eli’s opening."