Hatfield car dealer admits 'mistakes' after week-old £32k car breaks down

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A Range Rover Evoque, similar to the one which Reanne Lelliott bought from a Hatfield car dealer before it broke down (File picture) - Credit: Land Rover

A motorist from Hertfordshire is furious after buying a £32,000 Range Rover which broke down just one week later.

Reanne Lelliott, 23, of Woolmer Green, has accused a Hatfield car dealer of sexism after a "draining" ordeal trying to get her fault motor fixed.

The retailer - Grange Hatfield Land Rover - has admitted that "mistakes were made" when they sold the car.

According to The Sun, Reanne bought her £32,000 Range Rover Evoque TD4 HSE in December - but now she wants it gone.

She said: "It broke down completely and had five faults within a week of getting it.

"It is literally exhausting. It's just been draining."

Reanne made her purchase at the Hatfield dealer on December 12.

A week after buying the car, it slowed unexpectedly to 30mph.

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The engine began "smoking heavily" and water started to pour through the seal in her windscreen.

Reanne tried to get hold of a mechanic after a string of unanswered calls.

He told her that nothing could be done to fix the vehicle.

She told The Sun that she was not provided with a courtesy car and had to cancel a £200 hotel in Oxford with her partner, Paul Fisher.

Reanne said: "He is not happy at all.

"Of course, I couldn't drive the car to Oxford.

"We missed our stay and £200 went straight down the drain due to the car I bought a week prior not being fit for purpose."

Reanne claimed that a member of staff at the Hatfield dealer was "sexist".

She said: "His exact words were ‘I have been working with cars for the past 28 years so I know everything there is to do with this, you on the other don’t so I’d listen to what I have to say’.

"I was feeling extremely belittled in the situation where he refused to talk to me about my car due to me being a young woman."

Reanne was eventually handed an "absolutely nothing" like-for-like Kia Sportage, which she drove for three weeks while her car got fixed.

A spokesperson for the dealer said: "Grange Hatfield Land Rover always aims to provide the highest levels of customer service.

"On this particular occasion, mistakes were made, and we have been liaising with Ms Lelliott to correct the issues she experienced.

"We have investigated the accusations of rudeness, and while we have no evidence to suggest this took place, if this was implied, it was no way intended.

"We understand Ms Lelliott is now content with the way the matter is being dealt with."