Express Yourself: What can Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber of Commerce do to help you?

Nick Brown, chairman of Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber of Commerce.

Nick Brown, chairman of Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber of Commerce. - Credit: Nick Brown

The Welwyn and Hatfield Times has kindly asked me to write a monthly column to provide a business viewpoint for our local community. My team at the Chamber of Commerce know that the more closely business works with the community, the more we can help each other to build skills and create jobs.

I have called this column “Express Yourself” because I would like to hear more about the things that matter to you and your family, so we can see what business can do to help. We would also like to provide opportunities for ongoing adult learning, so you can “Express Yourself” with skills that will help you in your jobs and life as a whole.

On the business front, the Bank of England has just released their Q2 figures to June 30 2021, and it looks very promising. We are already nearly back at pre-pandemic levels of output, helped enormously by our world leading biotec sector and the vaccines they have produced. If you want to know more about the economy, there are a number of blogs on the subject on

At the Chamber we are looking at ways in which local firms can help, whether it is with staff or facilities. However, that all starts with understanding more about the things that matter to you.

Are you looking for more cubs for hobbies such as photography or computing? Or to help your kids work out what they can do with their lives? Or to find apprenticeships and training? Or the next challenge in your adult life? Or perhaps an extra source of income working from home?

Perhaps you have been made redundant and would like to buy a small business? There are plenty of established businesses out there, where the owners are just getting older and looking for a succession plan. Or pure personal aspiration, learning to code or paint or play the piano, perhaps go on a writing course? Even write a book.

We have access to friendly local businesspeople with direct experience of doing all of the above. Please visit and fill in the short survey.

In the interim we wish you all a happy and safe July. Take care.