Exciting new chicken wing bar opens in Potters Bar

Bones wing bar

Bones Wing and Burger Bar has opened in Mutton Lane. - Credit: Clare Spight

An exciting new wing bar has opened in Potters Bar, with residents already flocking to the shop for tasty chicken.

Bones Wing & Burger Bar opened at Cranborne Parade in Mutton Lane last Saturday, with so many orders placed they sold out and were forced to close two hours early.

Run by Garry and Clare Spight, Bones has grown from a takeaway service started at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, and the couple are excited to take the next step.

Bones Wing Bar

Clare and Garry Spight (left) opened their new wing bar on Saturday, taking more than 200 orders. - Credit: Clare Spight

“I’ve always been into cooking and my wings have become really popular with everyone we know, so I decided to start selling them,” Garry told the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

“I started at home during lockdown and we pretty much sold out every day for about three months, but I was told I couldn’t do that anymore and it wasn’t viable, so we needed to upscale.

“This space became available, it’s near our house and fairly central in the town, so it’s perfect for us. Opening the shop is a huge step but the feedback and support from locals has been incredible.”

With wing bars becoming increasingly popular across the UK, Clare revealed that their new venture was inspire by others in Hertfordshire, including Hitchin-based Chicken George Jr.

Bones Wing Bar

Bones was opened after starting as a takeaway at home during lockdown. - Credit: Clare Spight

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“I think there has always been quite a following for wings,” she said.

“We got into it through going to wing festivals and knowing people who own chicken shops like the guys who run Chicken George.

“I think wing bars have always existed, but they’ve become more mainstream over the past few years and things like Instagram have made them more popular.”

As for the food on offer, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy – especially those who like their spice – and more is being added to the menu soon.

Bones Wing Bar

Bones offer a range of wings and strips, as well as loaded chips. - Credit: Clare Spight

“With our chicken, we go from light spice all the way up to blow your mind spice. In house, we like to call the hottest one ‘the brave box’,” said Garry.

“We do wings and strips at the moment, and we’ll be introducing burgers next week. We do loaded chips as well which are much more exciting than your regular chips.

“It’s all about bringing that street food style to Potters Bar because it’s not something that has been done here before.”

Bones Wing Bar

More is set to be added to the Bones menu soon, including burgers. - Credit: Clare Spight