Breaking Taboos in Welwyn Garden City

REGULAR users of WGC train station may have noticed a new addition to the Howard Centre in recent weeks.

A new store, selling an array of clothes, curiosities and trinkets, has opened on the top floor of the shopping centre, next to the station entrance.

It’s called Taboo, and it’s a family-run venture by brothers Grant and Neil Pinney, and brother-in-law Jim Ward.

For a relatively small space, the store is adorned floor to ceiling with a variety of t-shirts, jumpers, blouses, wallets, mirrors, wood carvings, keyrings and statues.

“It’s all custom culture; everything’s a bit unique,” said Grant. “My brother makes all the mirrors, acrylic gifts and the wood plates, so each thing is only one or two of it’s kind.”

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Grant said he felt there was room for a new independent retailer in WGC, selling the sort of things you might normally find in certain boutiques around North London.

“We thought we’d do something a bit different, and something that was local to WGC, rather than having to travel to Camden all the time.

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“We’re not overpriced, and it brings a little bit of personality to WGC.”

Taboo is located in The Howard Centre, between The Kiosk and the entrance to WGC railway station.

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