Brave mechanic praised for confronting knife-wielding robber

A MECHANIC who was stabbed while trying to stop a violent criminal from stealing a customer’s car has received a �250 award for his bravery.

Colin Bradburn, who runs CB Motors in South Mimms, had been working on a Saab convertible when ex-con Thomas Nichol walked in.

Nichol, who had no cash to get a bus into London, jumped into the car while Mr Bradburn’s back was turned and attempted to drive off.

But Mr Bradburn, who is in his 60s, realised what was happening and bravely attempted to restrain the younger, bigger Nichol.

The thug then brandished a knife and stabbed Mr Bradburn in the elbow, allowing him to escape with the car.

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Although injured, Mr Bradburn called the police and Nichol was later arrested.

At St Albans Crown Court in September, Nichol, 31, of no fixed abode, was sent to jail indefinitely.

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He will only be released when the authorities are satisfied he is no longer a danger to the public.

In putting Mr Bradburn forward for the award, judge Martin Griffith said: “The defendant was a younger and bigger man.

“Mr Bradburn’s actions went far beyond the call of duty he felt towards his customers.”

The award was presented at a ceremony held at the courthouse on Tuesday last week.

More reaction to Mr Bradburn’s award is in today’s (Wednesday) Potters Bar Edition.

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