Boris Johnson to run Welwyn Hatfield?

DO you fancy Boris Johnson running Welwyn Hatfield?

Well, residents could soon have the chance to vote in an all-powerful elected mayor like London did with Ken Livingstone and then Boris.

Obviously Mr Johnson is currently employed elsewhere and wouldn’t qualify for our mayor as the new leader would have to reside in the borough.

Currently Welwyn Hatfield has a ceremonial mayor chosen by the ruling party to represent the borough at official events.

He or she is chosen from Welwyn Hatfield’s 48 councillors – for 2010/11 it’s Howard Morgan.

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The post brings with it an allowance totalling �10,718.

Although they preside over the full council meetings, existing mayors have little more power than other elected councillors and far less than the council leader – elected by the ruling party and currently John Dean – and the cabinet.

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An elected mayor would be voted in by all residents in a special vote and be paid for the full-time role.

The council was unable to confirm how much an elected mayor could cost, but nearby Watford, the only area in Hertfordshire with an elected mayor, pays the equivalent to an MP’s salary of �65,738.

Welwyn Hatfield Council, like all local authorities, is having to consider any changes to its executive arrangements in accordance with the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.

A council spokeswoman said the authority was against the plan to introduce an elected mayor and was keen to stick to the current arrangements – however, a public consultation had been launched to gauge the views of residents.

You can vote online at

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