Meet the man who organises charity events for worldwide club of bearded men

Callum Dee

Callum is the charity officer for an online community for men who enjoy Viking culture - Credit: Callum Dee

A Welwyn Garden City man, who is a member of an international group of bearded (and non-bearded) men, has set up a fundraiser for the mother for another member of the group.

Berserker Beards Club is a group of men who share values of brotherhood, charity, and community and a passion for Norse and Viking culture.

Callum Dee, from Welwyn Garden City, is the charity officer of the group and he has set up a GoFundMe to help with another member's mother's cataracts.

Berserker Beards Club

Gloria, who herself has been present for a handful of club meetings, is the mother of one of the members Carlos. - Credit: Berserker Beards Club

Callum said: "Gloria is the mother of one of our Mexican brothers, Carlos. Gloria needs cataracts surgery because she is already losing her sight and it left untreated, she could go blind.

"The surgery costs 37,000 Mexican Pesos which converts to roughly £1,500. This is a lot for the family to afford and Carlos has been working as hard as he can to do this so we decided to help them out."

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Callum joined the Berserker Beards Club in October 2019 as he wanted to take part in raising money for charity. 

Callum added: "The brotherhood fosters the ideals of support and friendship crossing the societal boundaries of nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and many other divisive factors to create a place where men can feel they belong despite anything that may be going on in their lives. So long as they can make a minor commitment to actively being a part of a community that engenders trust and respect of each other, and those in need."

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Other charity efforts Callum has organised or taken part in include a 10km run around Welwyn Garden City in November.

The group voted to donate to Children With Cancer UK and raised £1,300, after which Callum ran 16km instead of 10km to show his appreciation to everyone who donated.

Since then the group has raised more than £1,500, through a Yule Raffle for Children Of Fallen Patriots and a Run The Month: Marathon Edition for Prostate Cancer UK - which was a combined effort from Berserker Beards and their sister Club - The Valkyrie.

The GoFundMe page has a target of £1500 and so far £225 has been raised, if you would like to donate visit:

To find out more about Berserker Beards visit:

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