Bees swarm Hatfield car

A SWARM of bees descended on a car, almost completely covering the rear window.

The un-bee-lievable sight shocked car owner Helen Minn and daughter Hayley who had parked in Old Hatfield on Friday.

Helen, had dropped Hayley off at an interview with e2E services, and left the dark-coloured Toyota Rav4 in the car park.

She said: “As we approached the car there were people standing at the back taking photographs.

“Somebody did try driving the car around, but they didn’t fly off.”

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Mrs Minn called in an expert beekeeper, who said he had no idea why the bees, which have an essential role to play in pollinating crops and plants, had been attracted to her car in particular.

By Monday the bees had found a new home, on the wall in the same car park.

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