Attorney General urged to probe ‘unduly lenient’ sentence of pregnant Welwyn Garden City death crash driver

THE Attorney General has been asked to review the sentence of a woman who avoided jail because she was pregnant.

Welwyn resident Sean Lally-Randall was so shocked after reading WGC woman Debra Kelly was given a 24-week suspended jail term for causing the death of Hatfield businessman Kenny Lush by careless driving, he contacted the Government’s chief legal advisor.

Claiming Kelly was given an “unduly lenient sentence” Mr Lally-Randall stated in his letter: “This sentence provides no justice whatsoever to the victim’s family, which includes four very young children.

“The only message the sentence provides is that a woman can kill someone and avoid prison by becoming pregnant.”

Mr Lush was killed while cycling home to his family on the A414 from Hatfield to Ware. Kelly, 38, of Tubbs Croft struck his bike from behind and failed to contact police for more than seven hours.

Mr Lally-Randall, who followed the case in the WHT, said he was shocked by the judge’s actions.

The 47-year-old said: “Through the paper I knew Kenny had a young family and I thought this was something that needed to be done. “I don’t know the woman from Adam, but we need to have the courage of our convictions.

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“Crimes against the person need to be dealt with far more harshly.”

A spokesman for the Attorney General said they had received Mr Lally-Randall’s communication and were investigating.

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