Antiques Roadshow is a hit for Potters Bar residents

MANY of us possess one item that we think could possibly hold value.

It may be sitting up in the loft, or unused in a cupboard, or it could be sitting proudly on the mantelpiece in the living room.

Whatever the case, the opportunity to discover more about these gems was up for grabs last month, as BBC1’s hit show, the Antiques Roadshow, came to Hatfield.

More than 3,300 people attended and among them were Potters Bar residents waiting to hear more about their goods.

Eileen Amabilino from the town took what she thought was a painting of her great, great, grandmother Riley.

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However, the 82-year-old discovered that the 1855 image was in fact a very early photograph, which had been cleverly tinted.

“The expert said it was very expensive to do at the time, as it was a very high form of technology, however now it isn’t worth that much.

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“It was very interesting though.”

John and Sylvia Fancy had a collection of colourful pottery.

One of their items was valued between �600 to �700 by David Battie.

John said: “He was very informative.

“He gave us about 20 minutes of his time and was obviously very interested in one of the pieces, as it had a stamp that he had not seen previously.”

Sylvia added: “We had some idea of what they were worth as these things pop up on TV from time to time.

“But it was very interesting to find out more about the items.”

Look out for more on the day’s events when the show is screened on BBC1 next spring.

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