Anti-incineration petition handed to county council by Hatfield residents

CAMPAIGNERS opposed to the construction of a massive incinerator in Hatfield have submitted a petition with more than 750 signatures to the county council.

Members and supporters of Hatfield Against Incineration (HAI) handed the petition over to councillors during a meeting at county hall.

The council’s plans to build a waste burner at New Barnfield in Travellers Lane were also challenged by Lib Dem prospective MP Paul Zukowskyj.

Mr Zukowskyj asked if councillors were concerned that the companies bidding to build the plant would put commercial interests before the health of residents and the environment.

Council leader Robert Gordon responded by saying that commercial companies have to take environmental factors into account.

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He also said that stringent environmental criteria would have to be met.

But Mr Zukowskyj remained unimpressed and pointed out that the Greater London Authority (GLA) had dropped incineration as a means of disposing of household waste on environmental grounds.

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Speaking after the meeting, Mr Zukowskyj said: “Robert Gordon seemed unaware of the recent GLA waste management report and had to resort to waffle and bluster.

“When will HCC get their act together and realise this campaign is not going away?”

He added: “The next strand of our campaign is in hand and will again put them on the spot.

“We’ll carry on until they drop their crazy plans.”

A council spokeswoman acknowledged receipt of HAI’s petition.

She said: “We do appreciate the strength of feeling from local residents and environmental groups in regard to our proposals for disposing of Hertfordshire’s residual household waste.

“Wherever a waste facility is eventually located, the proposals will go through a rigorous planning and environmental permitting process.

“This will include a public consultation, when those with concerns will have the opportunity to present their arguments.”

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