Anti-abortion protesters return to Hatfield surgery


Anti-abortion, or pro-life, activists have returned to protest outside a Hatfield surgery today.

The protesters, who go to Wrafton House surgery in Wellfield Road most weeks, were seen praying and distributing leaflets.

A Hatfield woman said she was a "bit uncomfortable walking by pictures of dead babies".

The pro-life activists, from the St Albans-based Helpers UK group, have links to members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lucia Federici, who was one of the group's members praying outside, said most people are positive.

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"A lot of people want to come up and talk and they're very respectful," said Ms Federici, who lives in Hatfield.

"They just want to share their ideas with us."

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She said she objects to abortion in all cases, but said it is more complicated when the life of the mother is at risk.

"It is still better to deliver a dead baby then for a mother to have it taken out of her," she said.

Ms Federici said she does not just believe this because she is a Catholic, but her faith does inform everything she does.

"All human life is sacred," she said.

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