Another terrier mauled by husky in Welwyn Garden City

AFTER reading about a vicious dog attack in WGC in last week’s WHT, another dog owner has come forward claiming the same husky attacked her dog too.

Last week we told how Patricia Parkin’s terrier Stella was set upon by a husky in Chequers.

Now Michelle Bakewell, 40, of Peartree Lane, has spoken of her dog’s ordeal.

She was walking her Jack Russell terrier Sam in Chequers – where Stella was attacked – around eight weeks ago, when a husky “bounded over” and began savagely mauling him.

She told the WHT: “It’s going to happen again or it could be a child next time.”

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And she revealed that before the attacks on two Jack Russells the rogue husky had attacked bigger dogs too and had “gone for” her friend’s German Shepherd.

Mrs Bakewell was left with a vet’s bill of �600 after Sam suffered six or seven puncture wounds to his legs, back and front. He was also left wearing a protective cone-like collar.

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She said the vet told her some of the gashes were very near one of his main arteries.

But she said the owner of the dog showed little concern, other than to weakly say “sorry” a week or so after the attack.

She added: “I did confront this woman about it and said it [the dog] needs to be muzzled, but she’s not done anything about it.”

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