Annette, 74, calls for Serco to be stripped of Welwyn Hatfield waste contract

ELDERLY Annette Marrache, who is registered for assisted bin collections, has called for contractor Serco to be stripped of its waste contract after her bins were once again left unemptied.

She said she was fed up of having to call the council just to get her rubbish and recycling taken away.

Last month Mrs Marrache spoke to the WHT in the hope of shaming the council into action after her bins had stood outside her home festering for as month.

After our intervention her bins were quickly emptied by council contractors and she thought it was an end to the matter.

After the debacle a council spokeswoman said binmen would “henceforth be able to make assisted collections”.

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But Annette, 74, who walks with a stick, was aghast to discover her rubbish had been left down some steps outside her home on Thursday.

She called Welwyn Hatfield Council where a worker said he would email Serco.

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Eventually another collection arrived later that day and took the rubbish.

But angry Mrs Marrache said Serco should have their waste contract axed, over the series of blunders that have blighted the new alternate weekly collections.

She told the WHT: “I think with all these missed collections they should have their contract taken off them.”

She added: “I can’t keep ringing them every time.

“I can’t see why I should ring up just to get my bins emptied.”

Welwyn Hatfield Council declined to comment on the Serco contract, but a spokeswoman said: “Mrs Marrache’s blue lidded bin was collected on schedule on April 14.

“It was reported missed before the recycling vehicle had reached Wellcroft Road.

“Residents should be aware that two separate vehicles will visit their road on recycling day; one to collect brown bins, another for the blue lidded bins.

“And because our crews work late into the afternoon, it’s always best to contact us the following morning if you are concerned your bin has been missed.”

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