‘Amazing’ turnout in Welwyn Hatfield

Early indications suggest around a 70 per cent turnout at the polls in Welwyn Hatfield.

Speaking to the Welwyn Hatfield Times at Campus West tonight (Thursday), returning officer Michel Saminaden said it had been “an amazing turnout” with people queuing outside of polling stations to cast their vote.

“It’s been an amazing day,” Mr Saminaden said. “There were lots of queues. There were a few angry people getting impatient with the wait but most people have been in good humour.

“The queues were the longest I have seen, and this is my fourth General Election. It’s really great to see so many people turning out – and so many young people too.”

Mr Saminaden said he thought the turnout was “almost certainly” in the 70 per cent region, with postal votes possibly in the 80s.

“I think it must be (about 70 per cent),” Mr Saminaden said. “I certainly hope so. I hate predicting these things.”

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