A quarter have experienced paranormal activity in the home says spooky Halloween survey

WITH tomorrow (Wednesday) being Halloween, it has been revealed that ghosts, apparitions and other paranormal activity have been seen by more than a quarter of people in the South East.

New figures show how 26 per cent of people living in South East England, including in Welwyn Hatfield and Potters Bar, had experienced unexplained activity in their homes.

The research carried out by the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service for Halloween shows that nationally one in three people have had a ghostly encounter.

Phenomena include apparitions, lights turning off by themselves, feelings of being watched and hearing voices.

And two per cent of people in the UK even claim to have seen evidence of poltergeist activity in the form of moving or levitating objects.

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Despite more than a quarter of people in the South East experiencing ghostly goings-on, the region is the lowest in the UK for spectre-tacular tales and spooky stories.

The joint highest were the eastern and west Midlands areas, in which 38% of people claim to have experienced paranormal activity in their homes.

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Tom Stringer, head of the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service said: “Millions of Britons have encountered strange goings-on in their home they couldn’t explain, and many of these people believe these activities had unearthly causes.

“While the claims of some respondents do seem particularly odd, we think the majority of them can be explained by simple home maintenance issues rather than ghouls and ghosts.”

He added: “A cheeky two per cent of Britons have found their partner’s belief in the paranormal useful though, and have deliberately blamed a home emergency or domestic disaster on a ghost or a poltergeist!”

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