£528,000 bill for police after Bilderberg conference

Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has been hit with a Bilderberg bill

Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has been hit with a Bilderberg bill - Credit: Archant

Herts police has been hit with a £528,000 bill after a shadowy cabal of world leaders held congress in the county.

The force had requested the cash from the Home Office after June 2013’s Bilderberg conference.

Thousands of protestors from across the world descended on Watford, fearing the senior international politicians, businessmen, millionaires and economists were part of an illuminati world government.

The total cost of policing the event was £990,000, however the organisers contributed £462,000.

Police and crime commissioner David Lloyd had asked the Government for £528,000 – but it fell short of a threshold, and was deemed not to affect the force’s financial stability.

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He said: “I am disappointed that the Home Office has turned down our grant application though I understand the Home Office’s criteria.

“Fortunately, our sound financial management means that this decision does not cause us immediate problems or require us to make further immediate savings on policing.

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“Ultimately, this money will come from our reserves and I would have wanted to have this money available for other policing purposes in the county.”

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