�500 to report Hertsmere social housing cheats

A CASH incentive is being offered to Hertsmere residents who shop social housing cheats to the authorities.

Hertsmere Borough Council is offering a cash reward of �500 to anyone who reports a person they know to be cheating the social housing system, either by supplying false information in order to get housing or benefits, subletting a housing association home or claiming a home they are not entitled to following the death of the tenant.

The scheme is part of a crackdown by Hertsmere Borough Council and housing provider Affinity Sutton, which manages more than 5,000 homes in Hertsmere.

Councillor Seamus Quilty, portfolio holder for housing and economic development, said: “Most people apply for housing legitimately and wait their turn to be allocated a home but there are some who will try to cheat the system to get accommodation they’re not entitled to or simply jump the queue.

“We need members of the public to come forward and report these people – what they’re doing is illegal and deprives those who actually do require our help.”

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Brian Conbeer, head of housing at Affinity Sutton, said: “When somebody rents one of our homes out without permission or obtains a home through providing false information, they are guilty of housing fraud and are depriving families and vulnerable people who are on the waiting list.

“We are committed to helping the thousands of people on our waiting list who genuinely need a new home and would urge anyone who suspects someone of housing fraud to let us know.”

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To be eligible for the �500 reward you will have to give your details and your information will need to lead to a conviction.

If you suspect someone is committing housing fraud, call 01477 539250.

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