400 people refuse brown bins in Hertsmere

APPROXIMATELY 400 Hertsmere residents have refused to have a brown bin and are sticking with the black box.

The unwanted brown bins are now going to be redistributed elsewhere by Hertsmere Borough Council, which has already delivered 25,000 across the borough.

A spokeswoman for the council told the Potters Bar Edition: “If people don’t want the brown bin they can continue to use their black box for everything that can go in a brown bin i.e. glass, cartons, plastics and cans.

“And it’ll continue to get picked up at the same time.”

However, residents are being reminded to start using their brown bins as soon as they get them, putting items in loose.

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* Are you one of the 400 who refused a bin? Or are you unhappy with the new service?

Contact the newsdesk on 01707 384185.

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