�250,000 kicker Stuart Tinner greets media in Welwyn Garden City

THE national media descended on WGC last night (Wednesday), to meet the man who won �250,000 with a single kick of a rugby ball.

Stuart Tinner, from Welwyn, scooped the cash during the half time interval of the Saracens versus South Africa game at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night when, live on television, he kicked a 30 metre volley straight onto the crossbar.

His feat won him a quarter of a million pounds – and made him an overnight celebrity.

Last night Stuart arrived at Welwyn Rugby Club in Hobbs Way, where he plays as a hooker for the fifths, to a media circus.

After completing a series of interviews for the likes of the BBC and Channel 4, he found the time to have a chat with the Welwyn Hatfield Times about what it was like suddenly becoming rich and famous.

“It’s literally been non-stop since I kicked it,” said Stuart, 24. “It’s been nothing but wall to wall press.”

Despite all the sudden attention, Stuart seemed to be taking it in his stride. “It’s awesome,” he enthused. “I could get used to this life. In a few days people will be saying ‘Stuart Tinner? Who’s he?’”

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Stuart plans to spend some of his money on moving out of his parents house and buying a car – but it appears he’s sticking to his original promise first.

“I promised to buy dinner for all the cheerleaders (at the Wembley game),” he said. “I’ll need to think about where and when now!”

*For more on Stuart and his story, see next week’s Welwyn Hatfield Times, out Wednesday, November 25.

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