A Game of Thrones star from Welwyn Garden City has spoken of his shock at the online hate he received following the release of a video game.

Abubakar Salim released Tales of Kenzera: Zau, a game about the grief he suffered after his father died, through Surgent Studios.

In a social media post, the 31-year-old actor called out the "constant targeted harassment from people who see diversity as a threat", and has now revealed his shock at the comments in an interview with the BBC.

"It was quite a shock because I had led with the intention to create a piece of work that was solely for my father," he said.

"It's truly about this human emotion of grief, my journey from losing my father. For the narrative to then be about an 'agenda to force diversity' tarnishes the message.

Abubakar Salim.Abubakar Salim. (Image: Jon Holloway/Wikimedia Commons)

"We received quite - especially on my side - weird messages and comments: racially targeted and harassed. I had to say something."

Abubakar is now keen to find out what drives hateful comments, continuing: "Nine times out of 10 we'd come to an agreement - we just really want to have a good time with the game.

"I've always said I love criticism. I think that's just the nature of who I am as an actor. I want to always better and improve myself.

"Then, at the same time, you see these people who stoke these flames and who want this anger, who almost need it to fuel themselves, and it's a bit sad."

The actor is currently starring in Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon as Alyn of Hull, and was keen to praise fans for their support.

"As soon as it's mentioned, or someone says something stupid online, the House of the Dragon community just comes in, like, 'What are you chatting about? You're OK with dragons, but black people cross the line? What are you on, mate?," he said.

"This goes beyond just games, the film and TV space - it goes into the world in general."