A change of use planning application has been submitted for a new HMO in Potters Bar.

The plans, proposed by Templars Global Ltd, would see 29 Southgate Road change from a home to become a seven-bedroom house of multiple occupation.

"The application site is located on the junction of Southgate Road and Whaley Road and comprises a two-storey detached dwelling with a roof pitching from side to side with gables at the front and rear," the application reads.

"The proposed HMO as a whole would be dual aspect. Given the positioning of neighbouring habitable openings and amenity spaces, none of the proposed bedrooms brought forward in this application would be subject to any significant privacy or overlooking related impacts from neighbouring properties.

"It is considered that all of the proposed habitable spaces are expected to largely receive an acceptable level of daylight.

"The proposal overall is considered to be acceptable and there would be no unacceptable impacts to adjacent properties or to the character of the area and appearance of the existing building. It is, therefore, our understanding that planning permission should be granted."

To view the application, visit www6.hertsmere.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple, and search 24/0828/FUL.