A planning application has been submitted to replace two "unique" sculptures - including one that was stolen - at Shaw's Corner near Welwyn.

The National Trust, which owns the museum and former home of playwright George Bernard Shaw, has applied to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to replace a 107-year-old Lamb sculpture which was stolen September 20, 2023.

Created by Russian sculptor and Bernard Shaw's close friend, Paolo Troubetzkoy, the lamb was made of bronze, signed, and dated 1916 on the base.

The National Trust are also moving to protect another Troubetzkoy sculpture, the Greyhound, by replacing it with a replica, as the "truly unique" collection at Shaw's Corner "cannot be replaced if lost".

"Prior to the theft of the lamb statue in September of 2023, there was an incident of trespass and attempted theft which left both Troubetskoy statues in need of conservation repairs in 2019," reads a planning and design statement.

"By removing the original greyhound from display the National Trust will ensure that an important piece of statuary linking George Bernard Shaw to his extensive network of artist friends will be preserved for many years to come.

"Installing a replica outside of the two animal sculptures will allow for the ensure the authentic feel of the terrace is preserved, whilst allowing the safeguarding of important historical artefacts in a more secure location."