Twenty blue badge parking permits have been seized following an operation by Hertfordshire County Council's Shared Anti-Fraud Service.

The proactive scheme was carried out alongside partners from Oxfordshire County and Buckinghamshire councils.

Following a warning from police in the area that blue badge theft is on the rise, SAFS officers worked with officers and civil enforcement officers between June 11 and 21, to patrol various locations across the counties.

In Hertfordshire, 76 blue badges were inspected and six of those were seized across Broxbourne, Stevenage, Welwyn Hatfield, East Herts, North Herts and Hertsmere.

Four of those seized were out of date and two were being used by someone other than the named registered user.

A further five will now be subject to further enquiries due to one being identified as stolen, two being used by a non-registered user and two being used while out of date.

The officers on patrol also issued leaflets to members of the public to raise awareness of the correct ways to use and display a blue badge along with additional safety information to prevent genuine users becoming victims of blue badge theft.

Since the start of 2022, the Shared Anti-Fraud Service has received 421 referrals of suspected blue badge fraud, leading to 130 warning letters being sent to permit holders and five individuals being prosecuted under the road traffic act and fined.

Head of Hertfordshire County Council’s Shared Anti-Fraud Service, Nick Jennings, said: “Blue badge parking permits are a lifeline to many suffering with long term health or mobility problems, but as is so often the case, the system we have in place is abused by those with no right to use the permits.

“By gathering intelligence, working with partners, and undertaking proactive operations like the one that has just come to its conclusion, we are sending a very clear message – if you are misusing a blue badge, or worse, using a blue badge when you have no right to do so we will take action.”

If you suspect that someone is misusing a blue badge permit, contact Hertfordshire County Council’s Shared Anti-Fraud Service in confidence by visiting