E-scooter 'hotspots' in Hatfield have prompted police to increase patrols in the areas. 

The Welwyn Hatfield Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) will be carrying out additional patrols in Travellers Lane and the surrounding areas including Bishops Rise, Woods Avenue, Oxlease Drive and the Hilltop.

The areas have been chosen following concerns from the public.

Ahead of the patrols, officers are keen to remind the public about the legality of e-scooters.

PC Diana Vickers, from the NPT, said: “It is currently illegal to ride e-scooters on public land anywhere in Hertfordshire.

“The only way you can legally use an e-scooter is if you are on private land with the landowner’s permission or if you are in an area taking part in a government trial. To be clear, there are no such trials happening in Hatfield or the wider county.

“We know these vehicles are popular and many people may be unaware that they are breaking the law by riding one. Parents may also be buying them for their children thinking they are harmless fun. However, these vehicles can be very dangerous.

“There has been at least one report of someone being injured by an e-scooter in Hatfield, along with many more near misses. Sadly there have even been fatalities elsewhere in the country and we want to prevent that happening here.

“There are penalties for riding e-scooters illegally. Firstly, the e-scooter could be seized and then you can also be reported for driving offences.

"This can lead to significant penalty points and a fine. If you are a parent letting your child ride these in public, you will be the one found responsible and in turn this could affect your own driving licence.

“We are determined to ensure the roads and pavements remain safe from these vehicles and you will notice increased patrols in the area as a result.

"In the meantime, please take notice of this advice and if you have a friend or family member using these vehicles, let them know so that they don’t get into trouble.”