Unsightly weeds on a footpath in Welwyn Garden City are set to be cleared after complaints from "disappointed" residents.

Following reports of tarmac defects, the footpath off Creswick Court was repaired back in 2022, during which a weed membrane was used to protect the path.

Despite this, plants have been growing uncontrolled along the footpath in recent months, much to the anger of residents.

"Welwyn Hatfield Borough spent their money on contractors carrying out repairs which are not acceptable and refuse to have them come back on recall," said a Creswick Court resident.

"We now have weeds growing along the edges of the fence and central reservation. We are really disappointed that the council are refusing to have the contractor attending on recall."

In a statement, a Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council spokesperson confirmed that the weeds are now set to be removed.

"The resurfacing works to the footpaths behind Creswick Court were completed in 2022," the statement read. 

"The weed membrane used in resurfacing typically lasts for up to two years so we spray public pathways to help prevent weeds growing.

"We are also happy to carry out ad-hoc works when required and have arranged for the weeds on the footpaths at the back of Creswick Court to be removed."