A Welwyn Garden City family who were left feeling "breathless" by a black mould problem in their social housing are finally set to move after a three-year battle.

The tenant, who asked to remain anonymous, first noticed the issue back in 2021 and quickly contacted Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, which started a lengthy battle to be moved.

"The mould producing around my windows was very concerning, causing my baby and myself, who is severely asthmatic, to be on constant antibiotics with chest infections and bronchitis," the tenant said.

"Having three children, we contacted the council about a house move due to being overcrowded. We were then put on the bidding system. 

"Still fighting for some support regarding the mould, I contacted the council frequently to try and get some help. They would arrange a mould wash which would be hit or miss whether they would turn up to complete or not.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: The mould has caused the tenant plenty of health issues.The mould has caused the tenant plenty of health issues. (Image: Supplied)

"My house is absolute covered in mould, especially the bedroom myself and the baby sleep in. Most evenings I stay at my mum's for as long as I can so I don't have to deal with the tight chest and loss of sleep I get due to being so breathless in the house."

The Welwyn Hatfield Times contacted Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for comment, who confirmed the tenant has now been successful in bidding for a new home.

"Since we have been made aware of the issues at the property, we have undertaken a survey, treated the areas of mould and have works scheduled to insulate the loft at the end of this month," said a spokesperson.

"We have acknowledged the negative impact this is having on the tenant and her family, and in response, we reviewed her housing allocation and increased this to Band A in October last year.

"This is the highest priority band and our Housing Allocations team have been in regular contact with the tenant.

"We are pleased that she has been successful in bidding for a three-bedroom property and will be moving in next month."