TV star Dr Alex George recently promoted the use of Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headsets in healthcare training at the University of Hertfordshire.

The mixed reality technology, paired with virtual simulation software from Oxford Medical Simulation, delivers ultra-realistic patient scenarios.

Nursing students who use the software are able to rehearse various situations inside the metaverse, designed to help them recognise a range of health conditions.

The technology is gaining popularity across UK educational institutions, with Hertfordshire students saying it helps them prepare for real-life scenarios upon qualification.

As the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador for Meta, Dr George visited the university's Clinical Simulation Centre on the Hatfield campus and spoke to students about their experiences using the technology.

Polly Strachan-Walden, student nurse at the University of Hertfordshire, said: "Training in Mixed Reality provides a truly immersive environment to practise as true to life as possible. It also reduces the anxiety that can sometimes come with making mistakes–if errors happen, they do so in a supportive environment where we discuss as a group what could be done next time."

Karen Cairnduff, simulation lead and senior lecturer in Simulation and Clinical Skills at the University of Hertfordshire, said: "I have seen a real improvement in our student’s knowledge and communication skills since using OMS MR in the curriculum.

"The real-life scenarios they experience whilst on placement can be overwhelming, and in some cases, they don’t feel fully prepped for what can occur.


"The OMS training through Meta quest headsets has really helped build our students’ confidence and helped them cope with the pressures they will face in the real world."

Matthew Sanders, education and VR director at Meta said: "It’s always incredible to see how our tech is supporting educators across the UK, from training firefighters, to supporting student nurses at the University of Hertfordshire.

"There’s often a much lower cost entry point with Meta headsets than there is to physical training, and it’s amazing to see how the technology allows people across so many different sectors train in a safe environment."