Here are the latest planning applications for Welwyn Hatfield and Potters Bar from Welwyn Hatfield, Hertsmere and St Albans councils.

Welwyn Hatfield

2 Moffats Lane Brookmans Park AL9 7RU. Conversion of existing garage to habitable accommodation and extend to link to the main dwelling, including alterations to the fenestration. Ref No: 6/2024/0855/HOUSE 

41 Swanley Crescent Little Heath EN6 1NQ. Erection of single storey side extension, demolishing existing front porch and replacement with new porch. Ref No: 6/2024/0865/HOUSE 

41 Swanley Crescent Little Heath Potters Bar EN6 1NQ. Prior approval for the erection of a single storey rear extension measuring 6m in depth, 2.8m in height and 2.6m to the eaves. Ref No: 6/2024/0866/PN8 

14 Guessens Road Welwyn Garden City AL8 6QR. Erection of a double storey rear extension, first floor side extension, garage conversion and alterations to the garage roof, alterations to openings, porch and re-positioning of front entrance. Ref No: 6/2024/0792/HOUSE 

29 Brockswood Lane Welwyn Garden City AL8 7BE. Erection of a part single, part two storey rear extension, part demolition of existing garage, alterations to openings and extension to driveway. Ref No: 6/2024/0819/HOUSE 

8 Lodge Drive Hatfield AL9 5HJ. Erection of a single storey front, side and rear extension with insertion of roof lanterns and including alterations to existing roof. Ref No: 6/2024/0827/HOUSE 

2 Feather Dell Hatfield AL10 8DD. Conversion of garage into habitable room and alterations to the fenestration. Ref No: 6/2024/0689/LAWP 

Beadles Volkswagen Van Centre Harpsfield Broadway Hatfield AL10 9TF. Submission of details pursuant to condition number Condition 1 (Construction Management Plan), 6 (Surface Water Drainage Scheme) and 9 (Proposed Roads, Footways and Cycleways) on planning permission 6/2020/3222/MAJ. Ref No: 6/2024/0858/COND 

16 Gooseacre Welwyn Garden City AL7 4NB. Installation of five solar panels on rear elevation. Ref No: 6/2024/0724/HOUSE 

Holwell Hyde Cottage Holwell Hyde Lane Welwyn Garden City AL7 4AA. Certificate of lawfulness for the erection of 3m two storey extension. Ref No: 6/2024/0634/LAWP 

64 Brookside Crescent Cuffley Potters Bar EN6 4QJ. Erection of single storey rear and side extension, installation of air conditioning unit and patio alterations. Ref No: 6/2024/0693/HOUSE 

43 Bradgate Cuffley Potters Bar EN6 4RP. Erection of two storey front extension, part single, part 2-storey rear extension and alterations to roof. Ref No: 6/2024/0881/HOUSE 

4 Whetstone Court Whetstone Close Welwyn AL6 0QY. Single storey front extension to integrall garage with dormer in roof over pitched roof with raised ridge and two rooflights added into rear pitched roof. Ref No: 6/2024/0555/HOUSE 

7 Danesbury Lane Welwyn AL6 9SG. Erection of orangery following the demolition of existing conservatory. Ref No: 6/2024/0829/HOUSE 

51 Windsor Road Welwyn AL6 9JY. Erection of part, two storey, part single storey rear extension and a single storey front extension. Ref No: 6/2024/0841/HOUSE 

17 Longcroft Lane Welwyn Garden City AL8 6EB. Erection of single storey rear extension, loft conversion with 2 x rear facing dormers and insertion of rooflight to existing rear facing roof following demolition of existing rear extension. Ref No: 6/2024/0706/EM 

22 Great Break Welwyn Garden City AL7 3EZ. Proposed Outbuilding. Ref No: 6/2024/0815/EM 


56 Baker Street Potters Bar Hertfordshire EN6 2EQ. Two storey rear extension with alterations to roof to include 3x side dormers and alterations to fenestration. Construction of raised patio to rear. Ref no: 24/0601/HSE 

94 Auckland Road Potters Bar Hertfordshire EN6 3HS. Conversion of loft to habitable space with associated hip to gable roof alterations, rear dormer and insertion of 2x front rooflights. Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed). Ref No: 24/0611/CLP 

Tyttenhanger House Coursers Road Colney Heath St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 0PG. Application for internal refurbishment and services upgrade to first, second and third floor common areas and offices, repair works to main staircase and roof, and installation of lightning protection (Application for Listed Building Consent). Ref No: 24/0586/LBC 

St Albans

The Plough PH Sleapshyde Smallford Hertfordshire St Albans AL4 0SE. Listed Building consent - Extensions, alterations and retention of existing side extension and fenced enclosure. Ref No: 5/2023/1906 

The Crooked Billet 88 High Street Colney Heath Hertfordshire St Albans AL4 0NP. Discharge of Condition 3 (details of materials) of 5/2024/0036 dated 20/03/2024 for Listed Building consent - Reinstatement of walls and windows following damage from vehicle damage. Ref No: 5/2024/0622