Labour parliamentary candidate Andrew Lewin believes people "put their faith" in the party after securing huge gains in the Welwyn Hatfield local elections.

The party made huge gains, winning eight seats previously held by the Conservatives - who lost 10 seats themselves.

Labour now have 20 seats on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, the most of any party, but do not have overall control, with their joint administration alongside the Liberal Democrats set to continue.

Mr Lewin, who will challenge Grant Shapps for the Welwyn Hatfield MP seat at the next General Election, believes the borough's residents "put their faith in Labour", describing it as a "momentous day".

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"People across Welwyn Hatfield have put their faith in the Labour Party today," he said

"We are now the largest party on the borough council and won the most votes across the parliamentary constituency.

"It has been a momentous day for the Labour Party in Welwyn Hatfield. Thank you to everyone who supported our brilliant candidates."

With the Conservatives losing hundreds of seats across the UK, Mr Lewin wants to see a General Election called immediately.

"These results send a clear message. People are demanding change and only the Labour Party can deliver it," he added

"It's time for a General Election now."