A home in Potters Bar is set to feature on Channel 4 show Key To A Fortune this weekend.

Key To A Fortune delves into properties left with behind people who have passed away with no close family to inherit them, and what probate researchers find.

One such case, which will air this Sunday at 5.30pm, features a home in Wentworth Close, Potters Bar, owned by Leonard John Eals, who passed away in 2020 and had no direct relatives.

The job of finding relatives came down to Blanchards Inheritance, with a spokesperson for the company admitting that due to his numerous properties and cars, this was one of the larger estates they dealt with.

"Blanchards found this case on the bona vacantia list. This is where unclaimed estates are published by the government and companies like Blanchards work to locate heirs," they said.

"This case is definitely one of the larger estates we have worked on. This is due to the property Leonard owned.

"On its own, the property in Potters Bar is estimated to sell for more than £500,000, which will make up the majority on Leonard’s estate."

Welwyn Hatfield Times: A number of cars were part of his estate.A number of cars were part of his estate. (Image: Blanchards Inheritance)

Through their extensive research, Blanchards also found more properties, which pushed the value of Mr Eals estate close to the £1 million mark.

"After we believed all assets were located, ourselves and the beneficiaries were in for a surprise," the spokesperson continued. 

"We found yet another property owned by Leonard. This one in Colwyn Bay, Wales. This property is valued at more than £400,000, leading to the grand estate value coming close to the £1million mark."

Beneficiaries were found, but Blanchards found their reactions to the news differed, continuing: "This estate is to be split among 15 beneficiaries, distant heirs of Leonard.

"Due to being an only child, the beneficiaries are all cousins and cousins once removed of Leonard. The cousins were spread across the country with some being close to Potters Bar and others much further afield. One beneficiary we had to locate was in New Zealand.

"Although some knew of Leonard, none were close with him. When informing them of their inheritance we were met with a bittersweet reaction which is commonplace for these types of phone calls.

"Although some were excited and surprised by their newfound inheritance. Others found the news quite saddening that a member of their family passed away without any close relatives."

To find out more about Blanchards Inheritance, visit blanchardsltd.co.uk.