Along with my sister Ava, I was abandoned near to Southridge RSPCA.

It was a very scary and dangerous time and we were both bewildered and confused when we rescued and brought to the shelter.

Who could do this to us? We had done nothing wrong, yet we were just dumped like rubbish.

I have been waiting for a home for over a year now, and I cannot understand why I have been overlooked.

With my startling blue eyes and sandy coloured coat I am considered a beauty.

In addition I have a very affectionate nature, love a cuddle and am smart, eager to learn and listen well.

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Narla

Being a husky cross and around two years old I have lots of energy and love to run, jump and play in the big compound here.

I do have one little problem - I am missing the lower part of my left front leg.

How this happened is a mystery to everyone, but I get on really well on three pins and you honestly wouldn't notice that anything is amiss when I am charging around chasing a ball or just running for the sheer joy of it.

I will need a fenced garden to play in, and would prefer to live with adults only and be the only female dog in the home - I wouldn't mind co-habiting with a male dog though.

Cats and other small animals - definitely not!

My life has been full of difficulties, fear and uncertainty. Despite love and care kennel life is stressful, and I am finding it hard to cope very well after so much time here.

So please, what is not to like - or even love about me?

Please get in touch with Southridge and come and meet me right now.

I know I will make a wonderful companion to you if I am given the chance.

To get in touch with RSPCA Southridge email or call 0300 123 0704. Visiting the centre is by pre-arranged, scheduled appointment only. The centre is located in Packhorse Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 3LZ.