Orchard Lawn Tennis Club in have taken a significant step in enhancing safety in their club and the community by installing a public access bleed control kit alongside their defibrillator cabinet.

It was donated by the Hearts for Herts Charity , founded and spearheaded by NHS paramedic Justin Honey-Jones, and is part of the Blakemere Road club's commitment to emergency preparedness.

The bleed pack is a specialised trauma kit designed to provide anyone with the equipment they need to stop life-threatening bleeding until paramedics arrive.

The pack is registered with the East of England Ambulance Service in the same way that defibrillators are registered on the national circuit.

Both items can then be located by 999 call handlers and callers directed to them as needed.

The Hearts for Herts Charity has been running since 2017 and became a charity in 2022. 

They will provide free training courses to other organisations for so long as funds permit.

Orchard's welfare officer, Clare Smith, said: "It is reassuring to have this vital addition to our life-saving equipment.

"The bleed pack is stored inside our defibrillator cabinet and available to the local community as well as tennis club users.

"We are very grateful to Justin for the delivery of the pack and all the expert training."

For more information, go to www.heartsforherts.co.uk