Network Rail has responded to a petition calling on the group to improve accessibility at Brookmans Park railway station.

The campaign, currently signed by more than 500 people, has been launched by Eleftherios 'Lefty' Panayiotou, who is determined to "make Brookmans Park a place where everyone feels welcome".

"The current state of access to the Brookmans Park station platform is not inclusive, as it only caters to able-bodied individuals," said Lefty.

"This situation leaves out a significant portion of our community, including parents with prams, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

"Let's make Brookmans Park a place where everyone feels welcome and included regardless of their physical abilities or circumstances."

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Welwyn Hatfield Times: The petition was started by Eleftherios 'Lefty' Panayiotou.The petition was started by Eleftherios 'Lefty' Panayiotou. (Image: Eleftherios Panayiotou)

Network Rail told the Welwyn Hatfield Times that it "understands and appreciates the frustration" of passengers, and called on the local community to push from a Access for All funding.

"In recent years, Network Rail has worked with the Department for Transport and train operators to increase the number of fully accessible, step-free stations through the UK Government’s Access for All scheme," a spokesperson continued.

"More than 200 across Britain are now fully accessible – a number which is continuing to rise.

"Station nominations for Access for All funding are submitted to the Department for Transport by train operators and/or local democracy groups.

"Brookmans Park is managed by Great Northern and we would encourage the local community to engage with the station team to consider an nomination submission."

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